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Latest Deuce® NEWS:
• The new Deuce #1 is here!
• Tim Watson, the YouTube poop-trowel review King, likes the improvements we're rolling out in the Deuce #2 (available at REI
only until May): https://youtu.be/YAMUIs4kREQ
• There are still some super light Limited Edition Deuces on
• The Deuce® has a Lifetime Warranty - and it's retroactive to every Deuce® ever made

Latest MoonLight tent NEWS:

• A new Prepaid order window is open NOW for tents to be delivered in May and June.
• We have tents in stock and MoonLight 2s are ON SALE for the same price as Prepaid orders!
• To better communicate their true size, we've started calling the two bigger tents the MoonLight 3+ and MoonLight 4+
• Now we also sell
really good stakes and cords

Tent Different, tent better (better tent) The MoonLight tents are like no other

MoonLight Tents In 3 Sizes

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The MoonLights are the opposite of so many tents. They're strong, convenient, no-sag, easily staked and have no FR chemicals…and a heck of a lot more. Photo above: MoonLight 2 on the Left, MoonLight 4+ on the right.

I've designed over 250 tents in career. I think these are the best by far. Here's a reviewer that agrees. The downside to making tents that are so well executed and thought-out is that it takes a lot of pages to explain everything.

We make these bad boys

The Deuce® – In 11 colors!

NEW fire 77NEW orange DAC 77NEW bright blue DAC 77NEW Lime 77NEW blue 77NEW gold 77NEW green DAC 77NEW black 77
NEW light green 77NEW rose 77NEW red 77

The Deuce®; is an ultralight backcountry latrine trowel that’s also the only trowel in the world that can be used right-side up and UPSIDE DOWN. It only weighs .6 ounces but it’s super effective and ridiculously tough. It’s available here for twenty bucks and from a growing number of retailers. You’ve got to check it out.