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Latest Deuce® NEWS:
• Tim Watson, the YouTube poop-trowel review King, likes the improvements we're rolling out in the Deuce #2: https://youtu.be/YAMUIs4kREQ
• There are still some super light Limited Edition Deuces on
• The Deuce® now has a Lifetime Warranty - and it's retroactive to every Deuce® ever made

Latest MoonLight tent NEWS:
• We have tents in stock and MoonLight 2s are ON SALE!
• Now we also sell
really good stakes and cords

Tent Different, tent better (better tent) The MoonLight tents are like no other

MoonLight Tents In 3 Sizes

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The MoonLights are the opposite of so many tents. They're strong, convenient, no-sag, easily staked and have no FR chemicals…and a heck of a lot more.

I've designed over 250 tents in career. I think these are the best by far. Here's a reviewer that agrees. The downside to making tents that are so well executed and thought-out is that it takes a lot of pages to explain everything.

We make these bad boys

The Deuce® – In 10 colors!

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The Deuce®; is an ultralight backcountry latrine trowel that’s also the only trowel in the world that can be used right-side up and UPSIDE DOWN. It only weighs .6 ounces but it’s super effective and ridiculously tough. It’s available here for twenty bucks and from a growing number of retailers. You’ve got to check it out.