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Tent Techniques & Repairs - TENTniques

This page is, essentially, an index to the Technique and Repair pages. It's going to look a little lame until I have more actual pages on it…

How to WASH your MoonLight tent

The MoonLight 2 strength hack - increases the stiffness of the ML2's weakest direction by 60%, weighs only 4.2 grams (.148 oz)

Anchoring Techniques

Stake tricks
How the Phantom cord adjusters work

Repairs with Micro-biners
Repair the stakeout cord adjuster buckle (called a Lineloc) if its middle crossbar has failed. I'm not sure how many folks are ever going to need this. The prototype we damaged was blown to kingdom come during a wind tunnel test to complete failure (50+ mph!). The whole tent was violently yanked off its anchors. Here's the video snippet: