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Color is a Wonderful Thing

We LOVE color. For the Deuce®, it brings some flair and style and maybe even a tiny bit of happiness to the drudgery of burying poop in the backcountry. We want customers to think of it as picking a lollipop. That's why we make so many colors (and drive ourselves a little crazy managing them).

Here are a few popular reasons for choosing one color over another:
– it's a favorite color (and why not)
– low impact
– high impact; a bright one that's harder to lose

low impact colors are Green and Black.
D#2 Green 84x261D#2 Black 84x261D#3 Green 88x293D#3 US Black 88x293

Any judgment on a
least lose-able color must acknowledge that some Fall forests have really bright reds, golds and oranges on the ground. Therefore our brightest and hardest to lose color is Ice - a frosty turquoise blue. You just don't see bright blue on the ground very often.
Deuce #2 Ice 84x261#3 Ice 88x293 wutgh label

Fall colors aside, our brightest colors are Fire!, Ice, Lime, Gold, Orange, Purple, and Blue.
Deuce #2 Fire 84x261#2 RED 88x261 with labelDeuce #2 Orange 84x261Deuce #2 Sky 84x261D#2 Gold 84x261D#2 Purple 84x261
D#3 Fire 88x293#3 Red 88x293 with labelD#3 SKY 88x293D#3 Lime 88x293D#3 Gold 88x293D#3 Orange 88x293D#3 Purple 88x293