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Lifetime Warranty against Breakage

Our warranty: If you ever break your Deuce® we'll replace it. This warranty applies to all Deuces® ever made and is for breakage while digging a poop-hole.

Here's how it works:
1) Send a photo of the broken Deuce® to me at mike@thetentlab.com

2) Click the button below to buy postage for the replacement.

3) Once I get your photo, I'll send you a replacement Deuce. Be sure to tell us the color and model you want your replacement to be. Yes, you can change models for no charge.
Current models and colors are:
#1 - Blue and Orange
#2 - Sky, Ice, Green, Monster Green, Red, Purple, Black, Orange and Gold
#3 - Sky, Ice, Green, Monster Green, Red, Purple, Black, Orange and Gold

3.5) If you don't hear from us quickly, PLEASE check your spam/junk mail folder…

4) Recycle your old Deuce in any recycling bin that accepts aluminum.

US postage is $4
To Canada is $9.50
Elsewhere in the world it's $14.

Is that simple, or what?

CLICK the button below to buy warranty replacement postage
pick your postal location

Does this mean that it's impossible to break The Deuce®?

Well no. They're incredibly lightweight trowels. They're amazingly tough, but there are limits, just like everything else in this world. I mean, let's face it: there are some places where digging a poophole needs a pickaxe and a crowbar. So it's required that the user be willing to abandon an occasional hole and find another place to dig. Shocking, I know.

Still, breaking one is surprisingly rare. Most are from bending it the wrong way or *just guessing* getting really frustrated and kind of agro on a particular rock (which is probably way too big to ever be moved). We replace those too. We have so few warranty replacements that we often go months without seeing one.