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Lifetime Warranty against Breakage

Our warranty: If you ever break your Deuce® we'll replace it. This warranty retroactively applies to all Deuces® ever made and is for breakage while digging a poop-hole.

Here's how it works:
1) Send a photo of the broken Deuce® to me at service@thetentlab.com
2) Click the button below to buy postage for the replacement.
3) Once I get your photo and approve the return, I'll send you a replacement Deuce. Be sure to tell us the color and model you want your replacement to be. Yes, we let you change models if you like at no charge.
4) recycle your old Deuce in any recycling bin that accepts aluminum.

US postage is $3, to Canada is $9.50 and elsewhere it's $13.50.

Is that simple, or what?

CLICK the button below to buy warranty replacement postage
pick your postal location
color of replacement?

Does this mean that it's impossible to break The Deuce® ?

Heck no. They're incredibly lightweight trowels. They're amazingly tough but there are limits just like everything else in this world. I mean, let's face it: there are some places where digging a poophole needs a pickaxe and a crowbar. Deuces aren't pickaxes or crowbars so it's required that the user be willing to abandon an occasional hole and find another place to dig. Shocking, I know.
We provide this warranty as a service to our customers and because we're curious to see what it takes to make it fail in the great wide world out there.