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Repairing a Lineloc Cord Adjuster

The micro-biners that come with every MoonLight tent are pretty darned handy. Their original purpose is to hang lights from the roof loops and wet rainwear on the outside loops. It turns out that they're a great repair item too.
An early prototype (MoonLight 3) was wind tunnel tested to failure (50+ mph BTW) and in the process a stakeout Lineloc cord adjuster had its crossbar ripped out. Without this crossbar it can't even hold cord, let alone adjust it. Here's a photo showing where the crossbar is supposed to be - right across that hole where the arrow is pointing.
P1150020b 772px

Here's the Micro-biner repair:
1) loop the stakeout cord up through the lineloc's hole. Make sure you have it right side up: the lower cord in the photo goes to the stakeout loop, the upper one is the end you pull to tighten (it has just a simple knot near the end).
P1150022 772px

2) Clip the microbiner as shown. It clips the top of the loop to the cord's free ends.
P1150024 772px

3) Slide the micro-biner back over the Lineloc. Now the back of the biner is substituting for the missing crossbar and the buckle will work quite well this way. Fixed! But there is one more improvement to make…
P1150026 772px

4) the microbiner in the photo above can still move if everything is loose - like when you're putting the tent up or taking it down. If it moves it's kind of a bother to have to put it back in place. To make the biner stay put, clip the lower part - the gate - through the web loop that is holding the Lineloc to the tent. It takes a little fiddling but once you've done it, the Lineloc will stay in place and you'll have a fix that just works.
P1150027 772px
This repair works so well (and because the microbiner is just 2.5 grams, 1/11th of one ounce), I still haven't bothered to replace the prototype's broken Lineloc with a new one.