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TENTnique #1: the stake cord wrap

stakewrap 5 small
I once hated stakes with small hooks or notches because so many of the tents I've used had web stakeout loops that just weren't held securely. Wind - especially buffeting wind - un-anchored those tents with alarmingly ease. When ITW developed the LineLoc3 cord buckle, I adopted it immediately and showed it to every client. It allowed the stake to be moved to avoid rocks and was generally helpful securing tents to the ground easily and well. Coincidentally, LineLocs also made stakes with notches much more secure because you could cinch the tent tight to the stake.

But it wasn't until I thought to do THIS tentnique that the stake notch problem was fully solved (and now I even sell a whole line of DAC stakes with those notches that I once disliked).
Behold progress!

Bonus: It also makes it easier to pull out your stakes - no extra loop of cord on the stake required!
Stake pull 2 772

Push back on the stake as you pull up - voila!
Stake pull 1 772

MoonLight owners might want to retie your stake loop to make it bigger (the newest specs are for large loops). I like a full 3" loop (left below). A smaller loop (1 1/2 - 2" on right) works fine for small stakes but bigger stakes are much easier to wrap with a big loop.
MoonLight loops small