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Ordering The Deuce®

• The new Deuce #1, #2 and #3 are here!
• There are still a couple of super light Limited Edition Deuces on sale for only $17.50 (see below)
• US shipping on The Deuce® is
free to US customers
• We also have dealers in Australia, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Sweden
Deuce #1 Blue 80x250Deuce #1 Orange 80x250

Get da Deuce® #1 - .45 oz FOR WEIGHT FANATICS ONLY - $19.95
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Note: currently all Deuce #1s are made only in the US.
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Deuce #2 Fire 84x261Deuce #2 Ice 84x261Deuce #2 Lime 84x261Deuce #2 Orange 84x261Deuce #2 Sky 84x261D#2 Gold 84x261
Get da Deuce® #2 - .60 oz - the new and improved version of the Deuce of Spades - $19.95<

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Note: Deuce #2s in the colors Fire!, Ice, Lime, Orange, and Sky are made in South Korea by DAC, our fantastic tent pole supplier. The colors Green, Gold and Black (when it's in stock) are made in the US.
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D#3 Blue 88x293D#3 Gold 88x293D#3 Orange 88x293
Get da Deuce® #3 - .97 oz - full sized, heavy duty trowel - $24.95
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Note: currently all Deuce #3s are made only in the US.
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Behold! The .46 ounce Limited Edition (made in USA) Deuce of Spades® ON SALE!
limited edition deuce 772
• Limited Edition .46 ounce Deuces are still available — on SALE while they last – $17.50
Ultralight freaks rejoice! We still have some of the lightest Deuces® ever made. It's 20% thinner than regular Deuces and weighs the same as 2 1/2 teaspoons of water! It also comes with a special guarantee: I make a big deal about balancing handle comfort versus weight on the regular Deuce but quite a few people have told me they wouldn't have given it a second thought if I hadn't mentioned it. Obviously I've erred on the side of caution a bit too much for some. So here's my special guarantee: buy one of these special edition Deuces and if, after using it, you feel it's too thin, return it to me for a free replacement with a regular-print, regular-thickness Deuce. You pay to send it back, I pay to send the new one, deal?
Buy the .46oz Limited Edition Deuce®

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