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Because TheTentLab makes tents without fire retardants or fluorinated water repellency treatments, we've been noticed by a number of MCS sufferers. Depending on the person, our tents may or may not work for them – it's not necessarily FR treatments that trigger sensitivity. The odors from polyurethane - including the faint odor of our tents when they come out of the bag - are also possible candidates.

As a precaution, a number of MCS customers, have washed and aired out their new tents and reported that the tents work very well for them. I'm working to get rid of even the faint "new tent" odor but I'm just not there yet. As a stop-gap, every production run has a small number of tents which I can arrange to take back for a full refund if the tent doesn't work out and is returned unused and undamaged (but it
can be washed and aired out). MCSers who want to take advantage of this MUST arrange it with me beforehand.

Our materials

Woven fabrics are 20 and 30 denier,100% polyester made from Korean yarns
Netting is knitted 20 denier, 100% polyester made from Chinese yarns
Waterproof coatings are a very thin layer of cured polyurethane, polyether based polyurethane (PEU) which does not degrade (hydrolyze) with exposure to water. If you've ever had a tent with coatings that became sticky and stinky with age, those are a different polyurethane (and, sadly, they are still common).
Water repellency treatment is 100% silicone on all fabrics. As a surface treatment, silicone seems really safe – I've heard of zero issues (or even concerns).
Windows are blown Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) film, 100% polyether based polyurethane. I've never experienced off-gassing from these windows.

Test out the MoonLight tent fabrics

There's nothing like actually checking. Rather than sending tents all over and back (which I've done), I've made packs of fabric swatches taken from the latest MoonLight tent production. Each fabric piece is from 1/2 page to 2-pages big and each swatch is in its own freezer-weight ziplock bag. The fabrics included are: rainfly (by far the largest amount in a tent), floor, sidewall, net, and PU windows. It also makes a terrific repair selection (though our tents already come with repair swatches). It's a buck plus shipping ($4 total).

What is MCS?

It's a strong, debilitating, reaction to even very low levels of some chemicals. Each MCS person is different so there's no telling exactly what the trigger will be.
Some more information is here:

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

A Recommended link from a few MCSers:

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Customer Leslie says she's found much relief with this:


Her comments: While it's possible (and economical) to do this program from home, I highly recommend attending a seminar. (I owned the DVDs for a couple of years and did not manage to get myself to use them consistently enough to make progress; it's a very challenging program, so the support of a 5-day immersion is very helpful for getting started.  In fact, though it costs nearly 10 times what the DVDs do, it's the best money I ever spent on...well, anything!)