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Livability - a big deal

When looking at tents online, it’s a real head-scratcher to figure out how a tent will feel inside. I’ve got an idea: how about 3D models that you can play with that have human-scaled mannequins inside. Click on these:

MoonLight2 With Mannequins (5'10" & 5'5") by thetentlab on Sketchfab

Moonlight 3 Tent With Mannequins 6Ft7 5Ft10 5Ft5 by thetentlab on Sketchfab

The MoonLight rainfly can be slid off the roof for stargazing and coolness. It slides right back in a flash if a storm threatens (old rainfly color)
Rainfly half-on
MoonLight 4+ pictured above

Convenience and livability features:
  • Rainfly can be peeled back halfway or all the way and re-closed lightning-quick if a storm blows in
  • Mostly ripstop sides with closable windows let you regulate how warm or cool the tent is and helps with privacy, condensation and blowing sand
  • Gigantic net roof lets you stargaze or just watch clouds go by
  • Two doors and two vestibules
  • Zipper-closable through-the-rainfly vents up high, to keep condensation to a minimum. MoonLight 3&4 vents can be accessed from inside through zippers in the roof AND have two more vents: one on each vestibule.
  • Clear polyurethane windows in the rainfly right outside the side windows. MoonLight 2+, 3+ & 4+ also have a window on each vestibule.
  • Net windows, two on every door panel and side windows that can be closed for privacy or warmth or sandstorms (ML2: 2 side windows, ML 3&4: 4 side windows)
  • Lots of loops for hanging stuff inside
  • Ω More loops on the outside for hanging wet gear, especially rainwear
  • Door shape lets you spin your legs in or out without scrunching
  • Mini-biner clips, 2 per person (it's hard to find micro-biners like these so we include them, .1oz, 2.6g apiece)
  • All zipper pulls are cord so they don't jingle when the tent moves
  • Reflective guylines so you don't trip over them at night, bright gold color for day
  • UTX Phantom guyline adjusters – super easy to figure out and use

Open, stylish, and fun! And lots of big pockets.
ML4 hero shots interior

3 hang-ups outside each door await your wet rainwear for drip-drying. You don’t have to put them in a soggy pile in the vestibule.
ML2 outside loops P1130157 1400