We make The Deuce of Spades and MoonLight tents Warranty | TheTentLab


As an individual of limited means I can't offer the same kinds of warrantees that major brands can. I have three things to offer:

• The tents will be made of the finest materials available so nothing should go wrong in a manufacturing defect kind of way. And YES, the polyurethane coatings are polyETHER based so you won’t have them degrade, get sticky, peel and come off years down the road. These tents are absolutely top notch in every way.
• I will do everything I reasonably can to take care of a problem.
• I can fix poles and provide replacement parts – I'll even have a few spare rainflies. As part of my design job I already have LOTS of pole parts and fittings.

That said, there are limits to what I can do. I can't replace a tent for instance. I also can't cover wear from use or damage from animals.
But, I should also mention that my basic attitude is that if there's a problem or even difficulties with something, I want to help. This project is the first time in many years that I get to talk directly with users of my designs. I value that quite a lot and look forward to years of hearing from you, my Customer. This isn't a fly by night thing for me.

Since more and more MCS sufferers are considering the MoonLight tents and there's no guarantee they'll work for any given person, I'll help customers sell them used. That goes for anyone. I'll mention their availability right on the tent order page. Heck, I might even start a page for people if this becomes a 'thing.'
I know it's unusual for a manufacturer to help a customer re-sell their tent but I'm not in this just to make a buck. I made the Moonlights to be cherished for many years. It's super important to me that the tent and the customer are a great match and I'll take steps like this to help make that happen.