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We're having our first-ever SALE – right NOW!!


The MoonLights are usually available to order two ways: as a REGULAR order where we ship it and charge now or as a PREPAID order that ships some months later.

Because we are a small business and the tents are produced in batches, both these methods have specific timeframes and limits.
PREPAID order prices (USD)
Prepaid ordering is currently closed
A new preorder window for May 2018 delivery will open VERY SOON.

MoonLight 2 tent: $375
MoonLight 3 tent: $495
MoonLight 4 tent: $550

footprints: ML2-$40, ML3-$54, ML4-$60
REGULAR order prices (USD)
MoonLight 2 tent: $525
-SALE price $425
MoonLight 3 tent: $750
MoonLight 4 tent: $825

footprints: ML2-$40, ML3-$54, ML4-$60

Why is there such a big difference in price between prepaid and regular ordering?

Very simple. When you make a prepaid order, you are literally financing your own tent to be made. A very high percentage of what you pay goes directly to the factories. I make what amounts to a small fee for designing the tent, managing the production, and everything else. A non-prepaid tent is one that I’ve bought as inventory, so the price is regular retail. It’s kind of a cool business model. Very populist. Super efficient. And it brings these exotic, high performance tents down into the purchasing range of many more people.

Working towards a chemical-free tent
All our tents have no FR chemicals OR fluorinated ("teflon") water repellency treatments. They're as chemical free as I know to make. That said, new tents do have a faint "milky" odor that goes away quickly with use. If you're not especially sensitive, you wouldn't even notice it, but if you like, you can even give the tent a wash to make it just plain squeaky clean (unlike some, there are no coating durability issues with washing these tents)

What do MoonLight tent owners think? Try the
MoonLight tent owners group on facebook. Give it a look, join, ask a question. We have 258 members as of 9/1/17.
NOTE: PayPal now offers 6-month free financing for US customers. Just choose PayPal Credit as the payment method.

PREPAID ordering is currently closed

- a new one for May 1st shipment will be opening soon

Please note that you must confirm your address before we will ship your tent.

REGULAR Orders With Immediate Shipment

MoonLight 2 tents are
ON SALE (because we just got a bunch).

MoonLight 2 tent SALE
$425 ($100 off)
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MoonLight 3 tent
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MoonLight 4 tent
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Footprints ordered with a tent
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Note for customers in Canada: CA will charge you VAT/duty of about 1/4th of the declared value.
Note for customers in Great Britain: GB will charge you VAT/duty of about 1/3rd of the declared value.

MoonLight footprint purchased separately from the tent
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Note that US customers will see no difference in shipping cost between buying a footprint with a tent or separately. International customers end up paying $8-$10 more for separate purchase just because it's not in a box with a heavier item (a tent).

MoonLight stuff sacks are now available. All the tents come with these sacks. They're just so good, we knew some of our earlier customers would want them too.
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