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Features List

Note that the video below was of the forerunner to the MoonLights - called the RugRats. The windows on the side are a little different now - both windows on each side can be closed and both vestibules are the single-point type. I’ll redo this video as time allows.

we have tons of intelligent details and convenient features. Plenty of pockets and loops and nice touches everywhere. All executed as lightweight as possible. Here's the list:
Ω = Beyond State-of-the-Art feature

Features in ALL MoonLight tents
• Ω Freestanding Eye-pole architecture
• 2 Doors, 2 vestibules
• Reflective Dyneema guylines - 1.5mm, reflective, gold color, 120 pound breaking strength
• Ω All long guylines have individual storage pouches (HEY lookie there: a bunch of brands have added the pouch feature to their line this year - SWEET! Our feature catch-and-release program is working!)
• Ω 2 Sets of emergency zipper repair sliders pre-installed
• Ω 6 Exterior hang loops — HANG your wet gear in the vestibules
• Ω The rainfly can be pitched
first (in heavy rain for instance) or by itself without extra hardware
• Ω Doubled rainfly top seam stays on the pole, doesn't roll off and upset the pitch
• Ω 20D Polyester fabrics used throughout. No sagging when wet and very good UV performance.
• Huge net roof for stargazing and warm weather livability,
• High non-net walls for warmth and less breeziness inside when it's cold
• Clear polyurethane windows in the rainfly
• Round windows next to doors (2 total)
• Ω 3mm Dyneema cord stake loops with 36” of adjustment with ITW Lineloc3 cord adjusters -  long enough to be used with rocks, trees and logs if stakes won't work.
• Closable, through-the-rainfly vents
• 4 Large net wall pockets
• Door shape lets you spin your legs in or out without scrunching
• DAC Jake’s foot mini pole attachments on tent corners - poles snap in, don’t fall off pole end while pitching
• Cord zipper pulls that don't jingle in the wind
• UTX Phantom guyline adjusters on all guylines
• A bunch of really good, strong stakes: 4ea DAC J-stakes sizes S, M & L (12 stakes total - worth $30). Mix and match for each trip

• Exterior
clips for hanging your gear on the outside walls, 4 for the ML 2, 6 for the ML 3&4

OPTIONAL footprints that also integrate to pitch the rainfly by itself (fly CAN pitch without the footprint)

Features specific to the MoonLightLight2 tent
• Ω Wind tunnel tested and proven to be rock solid in 20-35mph (32-56 kph) winds from any direction (25-35mph at 10,000ft)
• DAC NSL 9mm poles with and M-hubs and reverse-combi cross pole
• Ω 20D polyester fabrics used throughout. No sagging when wet and very good UV performance.
• 2 Closable through-the-fly roof vents
• 2 Half-circle style side windows with zippered flap covers
• 2 Clear windows in side of rainfly
• 3 Interior hang loops on roof
• The ML2 has a way to make it's weakest direction significantly stronger.
Check it out.

Features specific to the MoonLight 3 and MoonLight 4
• Ω  Wind tunnel proven – rock solid in 30-35mph (48-56 kph) winds from any direction (35-40mph at 10,000ft)
• Ω World debut of the DAC PL 13.55mm pole - an incredible pole
• Ω Hubs custom made by DAC
• 4 Closable through-the-fly vents
• 4 Half-circle style side windows with zippered flap covers
• 6 Clear polyurethane windows in the rainfly, 8 net windows in the sides of the tent 
• 2 Large net roof bins
• 7 Interior hang loops on roof