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Most people who climb into a MoonLight tent are taken off-guard by how big they feel inside. This is understandable since the tent market has been driven by the desire for lower and lower weight tents. It's at the point, now, that most lightweight 2 person tents are really tight for two people. And "3-person" tents are now most commonly sold to two people who just want a tent that doesn't feel like it's squeezing them.

With the introduction of the new MoonLight 2+ and the coming MoonLightLight UL2, we have great size options:
MoonLight floorplans (5) simplified 772
MoonLightLight UL2 - (more specs and photos coming in July) - under 4 lb minimum weight with an efficient 29.9 sqft, tapering floor and roofline, all our most important features and it feels much roomier inside than other tents near this weight.

MoonLight 2 - just over 4 lb minimum weight with a 31.7 sqft rectangular floor, all our features and a lot of room inside from end-to-end. Perfect for people who sleep head-to-foot or just like some room to stretch out.

MoonLight 2+ - (photos and video coming in July) - just over 6 lbs minimum weight with an EIGHT foot long, 38.6 sqft rectangular floor, It has all our signature features and easily accommodates two big, tall people and then some - even with a small child or two big dogs. This tent is our answer to the "Plus" sized 2-person tents and the "3-person" tents people are buying for use for just two. This tent is also our strongest - wind tunnel tested to 40+ mph with barely any movement (without guylines).

MoonLight 3+ - slightly over 7 lbs minimum weight with a 48 sqft floor that easily fits three big, tall people with room to spare. Family backpacking is what we designed this tent for, but a lot of people buy this size for car-camping and rafting for two.

MoonLight 4+ - slightly over 8 lbs minimum weight with a 64 sqft floor that easily fits four big, tall people with room to spare. Family backpacking is what we designed this tent for but it's a great family car-camping and rafting tent too. For 2 adults and 3 kids, put one kid sideways at the head or feet of the others. For 2 adults and 4 kids, it's getting cozy, but you can do it by managing the pad sizes…for instance, like this:

ML4 layout for 2adults and 4kids