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Most people who climb into a MoonLight tent are taken off-guard by how big they feel inside. This is understandable since the tent market has been driven by the desire for lower and lower weight tents. It's at the point, now, that most lightweight 2 person tents are really tight for two people. And "3-person" tents are now most commonly sold to two people who just want a tent that doesn't feel like it's squeezing them. We may well be hobbling our sales, but we don't make tents that squeeze because that causes your sleeping bags to touch the tent walls which leads to a wet sleeping bag in condensation conditions*. And since we make our tents to handle difficult conditions, it's part of our tent's responsibility to help you and your gear stay dry - so no squeezing allowed.

MoonLight floorplans 2023

Stable up to a windspeed of:
Wind test graphic 1024 new ML2v2 no v1 comparison copy

MoonLight 2 v2 - 5 lbs 12 oz minimum weight - with a 33.8 sqft rectangular floor. A roomy 2-person tent under six pounds that handles 40mph winds. This tent even fits two huge, cushy 25" wide sleeping pads . By most standards, this is a luxuriously large 2-person backpacking tent and by any standard, it's heck-a strong.

MoonLight 2+ - - 6 lbs 12 oz minimum weight with an EIGHT foot long, 38.3 sqft rectangular floor, It has all our signature features and easily accommodates two big, tall people and then some - even with a small child or a dog. This tent is our answer to the "Plus" sized 2-person tents and the "3-person" tents people are buying for use for just two. This tent is also our strongest - wind tunnel tested to 40+ mph with barely any movement (without guylines). This tent easily fits two humongous 25" pads side by side.

MoonLight 3+ - 7 lbs 13 oz minimum weight with a 47.5 sqft floor that easily fits three big, tall people with room to spare. This tent fits three sleeping pads with a summed total width of up to 66" (for example 3ea x20" with room to spare; or 1ea-25" + 2ea-20"). Family backpacking is what we designed this tent for, but a lot of people buy this size for car-camping and rafting for two. Using it that way, it fits two gigantic 25" wide pads (or even two cots) with room to spare.

MoonLight 4+ - 8 lbs 12 oz minimum weight with a 63 sqft floor that easily fits four big, tall people with room to spare. This is our best selling tent. Family backpacking is what we designed this tent for but it's a great family car-camping and rafting tent too. The peak height is tall enough to put on pants standing up (bent over). We're often asked if we're going to make a taller version - one you can walk into and stand up in. So far we haven't because it gets really heavy, bulky, and expensive — at least it would if we made it strong. Over the years we've seen many tall car-camping tents in campground dumpsters because wind destroyed them overnight. It's just such an awful waste of money, material, and precious vacation time…so we have resolved to only make strong tents.

For 2 adults and 3 kids, put one kid sideways at the head or feet of the others. For 2 adults and 4 kids, it's getting cozy, but you can do it if everyone is small enough by managing the pad sizes…for instance, like this:

ML4 layout for 2adults and 4kids

* Any time you can see your breath, condensation can be fierce in a tent.