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Look Ma! Backpacker Magazine gave a MoonLight 2 an entire page to itself! SWEET!!!
The facing page to the right was an ad for a stove.)
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It was a terrific feature with a ton of feature/benefits in those short and sweet captions. Still, some want more validation before they fall for my tent's Siren song; for them let me offer this observation: Backpacker doesn’t give an almost-nothing advertiser with almost-nothing market presence that much ink without liking the product a lot.

Here's the
Backpacker Magazine review online

Here’s the one mainstream review we got as a Kickstarter campaign. Everyone else told us to come back when we had something to sell in the warehouse (or garage as in our case).
THANK YOU Ryan Stuart and! But I’m not going to give you the link just yet. Thinking about our great score on, it’s pretty clear that the MoonLight struck a nerve for the SW Canadian reviewer. By REALLY paying attention to weather-worthiness, the MoonLight 2 pretty much wiped the floor with the competition. As a designer, it’s incredibly gratifying
to get a review like that.

But I’ve been in the business too long not to know that we were also lucky. You have no idea how easily we could have had a reviewer who went “Ho-hum.” The ingredients that make the MoonLights work so well are not always obvious. For instance, to many people, nylon fabrics are the 'normal' fabric of choice, the whole polyester-doesn’t-sag-when-wet thing usually goes right past 'em. They literally don’t see the advantage until they personally witness two tents right next to one another. It’s a kind of willful blindness that, to be fair, every well adjusted personality is capable of — it’s a self defense mechanism: not to see problems that you instinctively know you cannot change. But, having just come back from a mass testing of tents, and being from a cold, wet and windy place himself, Ryan Stuart saw something very different from the ordinary in the MoonLight tents. Unlike all the other backpacking tents he’d just tested, the MoonLight simply, effortlessly, and seamlessly PERFORMED — and he noticed. Whew!

Not that we didn't have a little bad luck: for some reason the review tent had or developed mold. Jeepers! It's impossible to know exactly what happened to that review tent. It had to have been packed wet at some point. By every objective measure our tents should be more resistant to mold than other tents because of the good polyurethanes we use and the fact that the polyester fabrics hold almost no water. I've even gone so far as to ask all MoonLight owners to report any mold issues and the results are zip, nada, none. Oh well, them's the review breaks.

Click on the photo to read the review:

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Treehugger liked our no-FR chemicals approach

One of our early customers has
blogged about his MoonLight tent (yes, he likes it)

Early on, a mountain Mama named Amelia also used the tent and liked it. Liked it very much:
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